Capstone Mergers & Acquisitions

While other community assets are dedicated to strengthening families, enhancing education, and minimizing crime, we contend that empowerment through business can be the lifeblood of a community. While wealth does not define human value, justice earned through ownership of local businesses can spin the economic fly wheel of a community and improve the standard of living for all. We believe that absent the benefit of economic engines, families, education, and safety suffer. The Spark Tank initiative is strategically designed to disrupt systemic problems leading to social injustice and to encourage full community engagement through an “each one, teach one” approach.

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Civil Righteousness

Civil Righteousness is a movement of holy activism organized as a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization. We are pursuing reconciliation and restorative justice through spiritual, cultural, and economic renewal. To that end, we engage injustice, build bridges, mobilize allies, and restore communities by calling upon both faith communities and the private sector to help us establish new infrastructures in historically black and minority communities. Through innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment; we desire to develop sustainable, creative, and holistic ecosystems fueled by mentoring mechanisms with life-giving businesses and creative incubators.

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Benedictine College

Benedictine College is committed to transforming the culture of America. One might ask from where we are to what? We believe business, when practiced with virtue, is a significant answer to problems of social injustice. Through our School of Business and two of our centers of excellence: The Cloud L. Cray Center for Entrepreneurial Services and The Byron G. Thompson for Integrity in Finance and Economics, we seek to seed under-resourced communities and local entrepreneurs, with education, mentors, talented team-members, and patient investors for the purpose of accelerating economic progress, human flourishing, and the common good. The Spark Tank is our chosen vehicle for pursuing this lofty goal with and through our local partners.

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