The 2023 Ferguson Spark Tank Pitch Event

The upcoming Spark Tank Pitch Event in Ferguson, MO, takes place from April 21-22, 2023. See the schedule and participants below!

The Pitch Event Participants

These entrepreneurs are well on their way to completing the rigorous Kauffman Foundation FastTrac program and have invested weeks of work toward bringing their entrepreneurial ideas to fruition. They look forward to sharing their ideas and securing investments and interest through the Spark Tank Pitch Event in Ferguson, MO.

Meet Netta House

Netta is a local resident near the Ferguson area. She has a passion for children. She has a bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Her vision is to open a Christian daycare to build up the future generations in Ferguson, MO. She hopes to instill educational and spiritual values holding on to the scripture that you train up a child the way they should go, and they should never depart from their ways.

Meet Russ Sauer

Russ has developed a unique apparel decoration application and is using it as the basis for his apparel design and production company, Fashion. Fashion will also lead and partner with other Ferguson and North County leaders in an initiative to create the Ferguson Garment District. The initial phase of this project will be the setup of an educational and limited production facility to share knowledge essential to a successful long-term apparel design and production company. Russ currently works with The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, Marty Casey's UnGun Institute, The Korey Johnson Foundation, Rides and School Supplies, among other St. Louis area enterprises.

Meet Steven Johnson and Brenda Young

This mother/son duo already has many accomplishments under their belts individually, but are collaborating on expanding their CDL truck driving school in the Ferguson community to make a greater impact.

Steven Johnson is the CEO of Five Star CDL LLC – Driver Training, and AAA Transit Group LLC; a regional trucking company serving the St Louis, Missouri metropolitan area, and all regions within 400 miles of St. Louis. Their goal is to equip people with the skills to not only drive commercial vehicles, but to show them how to become owners of viable businesses associated with transportation.

Brenda Young is a Ferguson community leader and has left her thumb print in the community in multiple ways. She runs a vocational consultant private practice to assist persons with disabilities and serves as an expert witness with the Social Security Administration. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Bible studies, a master’s degree in guidance and counseling, and is an ordained minister. She’s an author of many seminars and training tools for small groups and is CEO of B. Young Originals, designing and manufacturing women’s hats for department stores around the US.

Pitch Event Schedule

Friday, April 21, 2023

5:00-7:00 PMParticipant and VIP Social

Saturday, April 22, 2023

8:00-9:00 AMOpening Breakfast

9:00-9:15 AMEvent Introduction

9:15-11:00 AMSpark Tank Pitches

11:00-11:15 AMBreak

11:15 AM - NoonVIP Panel Discussion

Noon - 12:20 PMSpark Tank Awards Ceremony

12:20-12:30 PMSpark Tank Send Off

12:45-1:30 PMLunch

1:00-1:30 PMSpark Team Draft Orientation

1:30-2:00 PMSpark Team Draft

2:00-4:00 PMEntrepreneurial Facilitation Sessions

4:00-5:30 PMBreak until Banquet

6:00-7:30 PMClosing Banquet

Support Spark Tank in Ferguson, MO

Be a Sponsor for Spark Tank - Ferguson, MO

There are two ways to sponsor the Spark Tank in Ferguson, MO.

  1. Be a sponsor for the Spark Tank pitch event, planned for April 21-22, 2023. Here are the event sponsorship options:

    • Named Top Entrepreneur - Cash award for his/her business ($10,000 ++++)
    • Named Event Sponsor ($10,000)
    • Named Award Sponsor - Reg CF crowdfunding portal listing and filing with SEC ($5,000 each)
    • Named Opening Social Event Sponsor ($2,000)
    • Named Award Ceremony Sponsor ($2,000)
    • Named Spark Tank, Spark Team Draft Event ($1,500)
    • Named Closing Banquet Sponsor ($1,500)
  2. Donate to help finish the Dark Horse Business Accelerator/Studio space in Ferguson to provide shared resources for entrepreneurs after the pitch event. Here are the options:

    • Named meeting pod/soundproof booth build-out ($15,000)
    • Conference room table ($2,000)
    • Commercial laser printer/copier ($5,000)
    • Two collaboration desks ($3,000 total)
    • 20 desks/conference chairs ($150 each)
    • Lounge/seating area furniture ($12,000)
    • Modern cubicle shared workstations for three ($3,000)

To sponsor one or more of the specific items above, please complete the Sponsor Application below. Note that all gifts will be made to Civil Righteousness, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, and restricted as specified above for the Spark Tank in Ferguson, MO.

Make a General Donation to Spark Tank - Ferguson, MO

Gifts to the Ferguson, MO Spark Tank are processed by partner organization Civil Righteousness. To give via text message, text SPARK to (314) 451-5751 and follow the instructions. To give online, use the link below and select “Give to SPARK Tank” from the list of available funds.

Be a Volunteer

There are a wide range of areas where your time and effort can help! If you want to volunteer your time in supporting the Spark Tank effort in Ferguson, MO, just get in touch with us.